Mold Control Spray for HVAC Systems

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Product Description

Mold Control for HVAC Coils

Works as a maintenance/preventive action to keep your ducts clean.
Controls microbial growth.
Removes slime deposits.

Mold Control acts as a preventive maintenance formula to control microbial growth and keep your home's air clean and fresh. It also removes slime deposits which over time can cause damage in ducts leading to costly repairs.

Mold Control for HVAC Systems and Air Ducts® is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent in a ready to use form. Use to sanitize all elements of both the supply and return side of HVAC systems including coils, pans and more. One application provides months of protection.

BBJ Mold Control Ready to Use Mold Control
EPA Registered for use in occupied spaces
Use on coils, pans, ductwork, fans and more
Will not damage or bleach surfaces
Sanitizes and deodorizes – no need to use multiple products
Ready to use, no measuring, no mixing!