Fresh Duct Odor Eliminator Aerosol Spray

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Product Description

  • Eliminate odors without the use of masking perfumes
  • FreshDuct Industrial Strength Odor Eliminator infiltrates and neutralizes odors at the source, leaving behind a fresh subtle scent
  • Formulated with non-toxic and readily biodegradable ingredients for safe application in occupied areas
  • Eliminate Odors from Mold, Smoke, Pets, Cooking, Spoilage, Musty spaces
  • Safe odor elimination in HVAC ducts as well as other areas and fabrics
  • Will not bleach or discolor materials or fabrics

Apply into the return duct area by first removing the systems air filter.  Do this while the "FAN" is on and the system is running.  Spray for about 30-60 seconds. Replace the air filter when done.  Repeat as necessary.

Safely eliminate odors at the source with FreshDuct Odor Eliminator. A patented technology uses a one two punch to first encapsulate odors and then dissolve them, not just cover them up. Non-Toxic.

Also treats laundry rooms, bathrooms, garage, kitchen anywhere unwanted orders occur.  Spray directly in to the room,